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Flora en Fauna in and around Het Zonnehuis

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

The garden is developing beautifully. We owe this to the recent rainfall and the higher temperatures, but also to the extensive maintenance and the loving attention to the garden and the forest. It is always a surprise which flowers appear. We have had beautiful rhododendrons and now the different types of hydrangeas are in full bloom. Water lilies bloom in the pond. The harvest of strawberries and various herbs has started. In the pond we see frogs, bass and goldfish. In the forest we spotted squirrels, a deer and field mice. In addition, many species of birds and insects.

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The place where the Zonnehuis is located was for a long time an 'uninhabited' forest. In the nineteenth century we first see regent/administrator Henricus de Wijs from Den Bosch, owner of the Halsche


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